23 Upcoming YA Releases by Asian Authors!

Absolutely love this post! It’s a great list and a few of the books I hadn’t heard of before are now added to my TBR.

crowing about books.


In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I just wanted to shout out a bunch of upcoming books written by Asian authors. I was going to do a post along with a rec post I also have in the works, but um, wow! That’s a lot of books by Asians coming out in the next few months! I am literally so excited for all of these? Like, I thought of trying to write my own little blurb but it’s just going to be “I can’t wait to read this!!!” or “I’m sooo excited for this!!!” and variations repeated ad infinitum. So yeah.

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Asian Readathon

How are we already a third of the way through the month of May?! It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and in honor of it @Read with Cindy along with numerous other wonderful people have put together the most AMAZING comprehensive guide to an Asian readathon!

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Hello little owls! I am so excited, because my Owlcrate Finale book box has arrived!!

Finale is the third and final book in the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber. Garber has created a wonderful world of magic fantasy in her Caraval series. The first book followed Scarlett as she enters a magical carnaval-esque world run by a mysterious man named Legend. At Caraval, attendees can compete in a competition akin to a clue hunt. The winner gets a wish granted by Legendary. Scarlett plays seeking to save her sister, Tella. Along the way she finds love and betrayal and adventure. Legendary, the second book, follows Tella as she plays Caraval and seeks to uncover the identity of Legendary in order to save her mother. The second book leaves us at a climax cliff hanger, and now Finale brings us back to the world of Caraval this time through the alternating perspectives of Tella and Scarlett.

SPOILERS FROM HERE ON!! You’ve been warned.