My TBR is out of control!

Is this a blog post, or is it a cry for help?

It’s both.

My to-be-read (or TBR for short) shelf has been growing and expanding into… well, multiple shelves. It starts with a book sale. Then I have my monthly Owlcrate book. This month I opened my Owlcrate and was so excited by the book and thought “yay, I’ll read it after I finish…” and that’s when I realized. If I read in order of books I’ve acquired, that book was going to have some waiting to do.

My TBR has become the overwhelming type for me. I stare at the shelf and can’t decide on a book so ultimately just end up not reading anything after a discouraging perusal of this daunting pile. A few of the books are still queued for the last few days of May’s Readathon, two are buddy reads to complete with pals, and one is an ARC I was sent. I know some readers are going to laugh (or cry) from under their mountains of unread books at what ultimately is a manageable TBR, but it’s overwhelming me so I am here to ask for help!

Here it is. The queue standing between me and buying any more books. I keep seeing books I want, new releases that are on my want-to-read list, but each time I consider one I pause and glance over at this pile of stories guilting me. I want to read all these, I really do! But… where to begin?

That’s what I’m asking everyone. What books from this pile have you read and do you recommend? Help me decide on the order which I’m going to tackle this pile!

Author: nguyentoread

Engineer by day, reader by all times. I'm either reading, working on a for-fun indie game dev project, playing with my chinchilla or cats, or cooking! Coffee and tofu fuel me through life and my vice is my hoarding of all things Pusheen themed.

10 thoughts on “My TBR is out of control!”

  1. Warcross is very good and im currently rereading it to read the sequel. Three Dark Crowns is a lil meh imo but fast read because a lot of drama happens. I have Boneless Mercies but have not read smh Ive heard its good.


    1. Warcross is one I’m very hyped about so that’s easy for me to bump to higher priority read! Three Dark Crowns I get confused with all the other “[number] [description] [crowns or queens]” books that are out so I actually cannot even remember what it is about, RIP. Boneless Mercies seems so good but I also feel it’s going to be emotional as heck so I have to be prepared for that. Thanks Neni ❤

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  2. oh man that’s a lot of books! and they’re all so pretty.

    Warcross is fun (though Wildcard is less good, I wouldn’t hurry to read that one), and Crazy Rich Asians is a pretty quick light read (plus each sequel stands alone decently well, so you don’t need to read them back-to-back or even very close together if you want to switch gears afterward). Descendant of the Crane is also amazing, and once you hit a certain point the twists keep coming and coming and you won’t want to put it down! The Night Circus is one of my all-time favorites, though it’s certainly not for everyone (but you’ll probably be able to tell within a few chapters whether you like the style and pacing, it’s pretty consistent thorughout). the Girl King and Four Dead Queens I’ve heard are problematic so I wouldn’t prioritize them … just my two cents, since you asked 😉


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