Asian Readathon

How are we already a third of the way through the month of May?! It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and in honor of it @Read with Cindy along with numerous other wonderful people have put together the most AMAZING comprehensive guide to an Asian readathon!

Now since I’ve let a chunk of this month rush by without noticing, I felt like I was going to be starting too late to read much, but surprisingly I’ve already been reading for this challenge by accident lately! I knew putting off books on my TBR in favor of filler manga series would pay off…

Bloom into You is what I brought with me to work today to read at my lunch and it was actually one of the recommended books that fulfilled the general four challenges of the Asian Readathon!

You may be wondering what the challenges are-

  1. Read any book by an Asian author.
  2. Read a graphic novel featuring an Asian character or written/drawn by an Asian author (manga, manhua, manhwa, and comics count).
  3. Read a book featuring an intersectional Asian character or written by an intersectional Asian identity (i.e. queer, mixed, disabled, neurodiverse, etc).
  4. Read a book by Asian author that was originally written in their native language (translated books and graphic novels count).

There is also a fifth more specific challenge to read A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by Ellen Oh. And guess what, this book was on my Want-to-Read list already! So many of the books mentioned were either books I’ve read or books I owned and haven’t yet gotten around to reading, or books I’ve wanted to obtain. So looks like I’ll be binging many of these books and writing reviews on the most memorable of them!

To get more info on this readathon, there is a Google Doc with all the information.

My Goodreads list for this readathon. Let me know if you have any other recommendations for my list! Those are just the ones that most piqued my interest. I think about four of them are on my want list for a book swap taking place in June, so I’m not going to get any of those books as I don’t want to end up with doubles if my swap pal gets my any of them. So I’ll be patient and continue this readathon into the month of June if needed.

The books I plan on reading, in order high priority to low priority:

  • Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco
    (Filipino. I have owned this book for so long now due to people in the Books and Tea Discord server hyping it up. I read the first few pages then got distracted and haven’t picked it up since. So it’s time to bite the bullet and enjoy this book.)
  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
    (Vietnamese-American. I’m really excited to be reading a fiction-fantasy book by a Vietnamese-American author! Also I was so unsure on which cover of the book, they’re both so different!)
  • A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by various authors
    (Fifteen authors in a compilation of stories reimaginging classic folklore tales and myths from East and South Asia. This is the book for challenge #5 of the Asian Readathon, if you choose to participate in that one as well.)
  • The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui
    (Vietnamese. Because it’s essential to throw in one book that I know is going to make me cry.)
  • Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
    (Korean. I got this at the Barnes and Noble annual book haul and it’s been sitting untouched on my shelf since.)
  • The Girl King by Mimi Yu
    (I think Korean-American, but I’m not sure. I got it for the gorgeous cover and couldn’t even tell you a general synopsis off the top of my head, going to be honest and admit that.)
  • The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea, and Thirst for Love, both by Yukio Mishima
    (Japanese. Classics, but the trigger warnings included in the Readthon guide have me a tad worried. We shall see.)
  • Probably a lot of manga because I’m out of control right now. 

I need to cut myself off here because I know if I continue this list I’ll be chewing off more than I can swallow. Hopefully I’ll be able to breeze through these and read even more since there are so many more titles I would love to finish this month, but between work-work, working on a game dev project in my free time, and summer semester starting back in just a few weeks, I’m a busy bee.

Some books fitting this challenge which I’ve already read, in no particular order:

Thanks for making it this far in this post! Let me know if you’re participating in this readathon, I’d love to hear what books by Asian authors you’ve read or plan on reading!

Author: nguyentoread

Engineer by day, reader by all times. I'm either reading, working on a for-fun indie game dev project, playing with my chinchilla or cats, or cooking! Coffee and tofu fuel me through life and my vice is my hoarding of all things Pusheen themed.

4 thoughts on “Asian Readathon”

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll be able to get through everyone on my list! Feel free to let me know if you end up reading anything from the list, I’d love to discuss opinions on the books listed!


  1. oooooh Bloom into You looks so pretty! I actually just read Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, and while I wasn’t totally blown away (though that’s probably partly due to the disparity betweent the hype and my own emotional reaction to the book) it was pretty good! same for The Bone Witch … which reminds me I should finally get around to the third book 😅 A Thousand Beginnings and Endings is pretty great too – some of the stories are better than others, but that’s pretty much what you would expect from a collection haha. and oh wow, I didn’t know Kendare Blake was Korean – maybe I will go ahead and reread Three Dark Crowns, and pick up the next book while I’m at it!

    you have some really awesome books on both lists, though I do have to say that I’ve heard The Girl King has several problematic elements – so I would definitely be wary of that if you do read it. I’m already doing the Asian Lit Bingo and Year of the Asian so I don’t really think I could handle another readathon on top of that, but I wish you the best in completing the prompts 🍀


    1. Thank you!! I’m excited about reading all the ones still left on my list, and I’ll have to look up the Girl King to be forewarned. Truthfully, a large motivation of me buying that book was the cover 😅 And I hadn’t heard of the Year of the Asian reading challenge, I’m looking into it now! Thank you!!

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