Finale – Book Review

Stephanie Garber’s Finale was released yesterday, the third and final book in her Caraval series. Caraval created a world of magic that I found utterly unique in fantasy fiction. There wasn’t an elaborate magic system, magic was not a common trait, and the ability of the magic users wasn’t emphasized. It was just a world teeming with magic that you had to accept and believe in.

I bought Caraval by mistake initially. I had mistook it for another book I’d heard of, but once I was a few chapters in and realized my mistake, I was already enthralled. The main character, Scarlett, fell flat as a character for me in many places, but her motivation to save her sister and the trickery of Caraval had me on the edge of my seat reading.
Legendary surpassed Caraval. I may not have liked Scarlett’s sister Tella much in Caraval, but in Legendary she shines. Both the characters of Dante and Jacks create a love triangle that seems a pretty obvious choice, but neither of them are good so it leaves you conflicted on who you want to root for, or if you want to root for anyone at all.

Finale was a split perspective novel. Chapters would either be from Scarlett’s perspective or Tella’s. Both the sisters’ stories were captivating. Scarlett’s perspective was much more complex here than it was in Caraval, and Tella had some of the worst conflict navigating her relationship with Legendary.

“And in that moment, Legend no longer felt like Tella’s enemy, or her friend, or the boy she used to love- Legend felt like every story she’d never wanted to believe about him.”

Finale, Stephanie Garber

I don’t want to make this review a spoiler one, so I’m not including any of the juicy details of Finale. But if you’ve read it, let’s talk about page 446… Because I have mixed feelings, mainly negative, about that one part of the book.
If you haven’t read any of the Caraval series or have and are debating whether to continue on with the series, I highly recommend it if you like love-triangles, magic, and sisterly bonds.

“I’m the villain, even in my own story.”

Finale, Stephanie Garber


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