Hello little owls! I am so excited, because my Owlcrate Finale book box has arrived!!

Finale is the third and final book in the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber. Garber has created a wonderful world of magic fantasy in her Caraval series. The first book followed Scarlett as she enters a magical carnaval-esque world run by a mysterious man named Legend. At Caraval, attendees can compete in a competition akin to a clue hunt. The winner gets a wish granted by Legendary. Scarlett plays seeking to save her sister, Tella. Along the way she finds love and betrayal and adventure. Legendary, the second book, follows Tella as she plays Caraval and seeks to uncover the identity of Legendary in order to save her mother. The second book leaves us at a climax cliff hanger, and now Finale brings us back to the world of Caraval this time through the alternating perspectives of Tella and Scarlett.

SPOILERS FROM HERE ON!! You’ve been warned.

First is this Candle from Rose and Adder. It smells amazing! Owlcrate candles can be a hit or miss for me, personally. The last Owlcrate candle I got was a “green apple” scent that made me a bit sick. However, I can’t wait to light this candle.

Next is this gorgeous quote tin designed by Stella Bookish Art. “Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality” It’s so beautifully designed and really sturdy. I tried fitting my Deck of Destiny from the pre-order campaign:

*This deck was part of the pre-order for Finale and is not included in the Owl Crate box*

Unfortunately, they didn’t fit. However!

“Remember it’s only a game”

This beautiful card deck came with the box and fits perfectly!

These cards are satin black with embossed gold details.
I tried capturing the gold shine of these cards, but they look like solid metal they’re so sleek.
Be still, my heart!

These cards are gorgeous beyond words! Each card’s artist is below. They can be found at: Salome Totladze, Nicole Deal, Gina Hilton, and Diana Dworak. The design for the cards and deck was by Michelle Gray.

The details on which artist did each set of cards. The Maiden of Death is my favorite!

To compare these cards to the Finale pre-order campaign cards (not included in Owl Crate) for those interested, this is the art style of those cards:

Both are beautiful, but the Owl Crate ones are by far more stunning and detailed!

Next was this bath bomb, or shower steamer.

This is the one item I didn’t like. Nothing against it, just if I never got another soap or bath bomb from Owlcrate I would be a happy girl. It’s by Leeloo Soap.

This enamel pin was the only pin in the box. Although plain in design, it’s absolutely adorable and I like the style which is reminiscent of a playing card. It’s by Alchemy and Ink. They designed three different pins and it was a surprise roulette of which pin you’d receive!

These gorgeous prints of our favorite couples are by Melanie Bourgeouis

This magical soft tote back was designed by Evie Bookish. I’m for sure going to use it for bringing books with me to the park or beach this summer!

I’m not much a fan of bright decor, but I may have to make an exception for this stunning pillowcase designed by Catarina Book Designs! The quote is “Hope is a powerful thing, some say it’s a different breed of magic altogether”

Finally, the gorgeous Owl Crate exclusive cover edition of Finale signed by Stephanie, as well as a traditional Owlcrate letter to readers from the author and a laptop decal.

I hope everyone had a chance to snag this beautiful box! If you’re planning on reading Finale, let me know so that I’ll be able to fan-girl over it with more people!

Author: nguyentoread

Engineer by day, reader by all times. I'm either reading, working on a for-fun indie game dev project, playing with my chinchilla or cats, or cooking! Coffee and tofu fuel me through life and my vice is my hoarding of all things Pusheen themed.

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