In at the Deep End

***Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book for free. This does not impact my review and I was in no way compensated for this review***

…When Julia gets invited to a warehouse party in a part of town where trendy people who have lots of sex go on a Friday night, she readily accepts. And that night she meets someone: a conceptual artist, who also happens to be a woman.

Julia’s sexual awakening begins; her new lesbian life is exhilarating. She finds her tribe at queer swing dancing classes, and guided by her new lover Sam, she soon discovers London’s gay bars and BDSM clubs . . .  and the complexities of polyamory. Soon it becomes clear that Sam needs to call the shots, and Julia’s newfound liberation comes to bear a suspicious resemblance to entrapment . . . 

In at the Deep End is an unforgettable and audacious odyssey through the pitfalls and seductions we encounter on the treacherous path to love and self.

In at the Deep End
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Review: The Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco

Wow. Where to even begin with this book?

The Bone Witch had been on my To Be Read list for a long time. I bought it back last year after numerous members of the Books and Tea Discord had recommended it. I opened it up, read the first page… then got distracted by life and let it sit unread on my bookshelf. Up until this month, when I saw it mentioned as a potential title for the Asian Readathon! I grabbed it off my bookshelf and packed it in my bag for a mountain cabin trip I took this weekend. I could have never been prepared, not by the praises sung by others who had read it, not by the beautiful cover, and not by the captivating prose of the first few pages alone, for the magnitude I was going to love this book.

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Review: The Best We Could Do, by Thi Bui

The Best We Could Do is Thi Bui’s graphic memoir. Thi was born in Vietnam three months before the Vietnam War reached what we consider to be the end of the war. She came to America with her family in 1978. Bui’s memoir spans multiple generations.

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23 Upcoming YA Releases by Asian Authors!

Absolutely love this post! It’s a great list and a few of the books I hadn’t heard of before are now added to my TBR.

crowing about books.


In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I just wanted to shout out a bunch of upcoming books written by Asian authors. I was going to do a post along with a rec post I also have in the works, but um, wow! That’s a lot of books by Asians coming out in the next few months! I am literally so excited for all of these? Like, I thought of trying to write my own little blurb but it’s just going to be “I can’t wait to read this!!!” or “I’m sooo excited for this!!!” and variations repeated ad infinitum. So yeah.

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Asian Readathon

How are we already a third of the way through the month of May?! It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and in honor of it @Read with Cindy along with numerous other wonderful people have put together the most AMAZING comprehensive guide to an Asian readathon!

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Finale – Book Review

Stephanie Garber’s Finale was released yesterday, the third and final book in her Caraval series. Caraval created a world of magic that I found utterly unique in fantasy fiction. There wasn’t an elaborate magic system, magic was not a common trait, and the ability of the magic users wasn’t emphasized. It was just a world teeming with magic that you had to accept and believe in.

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